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how to clean your house or apartment
how to clean your house or apartmentThis is a checklist on how to clean your house or apartment, IN ORDER, ... ...

Cleaning Services

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Posted on: 12/26/16
Cleaning Services
Vacuum up large particles. Before getting into the deep-cleaning, you want to remove any surface debris or particles from the surface of the sofa. Use a dust-buster or a hose attachment on a full-sized vacuum cleaner to clear the sofa.
Use the long, narrow attachment to get into the crevices.
Vacuum all the surfaces of the cushions.
Remove the cushions and vacuum the base of the sofa.
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Remove lint and fur. Although some companies make products specifically for households with pets, your average vacuum cleaner wonít be able to remove lint or pet hair. Use a lint roller to remove what the vacuum cleaner canít.
Work in a systematic grid across the entire surface of the sofa to ensure you donít miss any hair.
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Wipe down any exposed hard surfaces. Many sofas have exposed wood or other materials, and you want to make sure you give them attention too. Find a cleaning product appropriate for the surface you want to clean. An all-purpose surface cleaner will suffice if you donít have a surface-specific product on hand.
If the spray zone is broad, spray into a paper towel and simply rub that over the surface to be cleaned. This will prevent getting unwanted chemicals on your fabric.
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